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Keeping Track of What to Write

Waking up in the morning, performing the usual morning routine and at some point during your day you sit down and attempt to write out that idea you had the other day. Except, you just don’t remember it anymore. Keeping track of what to write, inspiration for a post or keeping track of anything is just too time consuming of a task in itself. So how do we make this process easier? Simple. We as bloggers, business owners or even if you do this as a hobby, we take advantage of all the free products and services available to us.

One of the most popular items in this arena is Evernote, with features like being able to reach your information from any computer or smart phone via being stored on a cloud Evernote is a great product to use for everything from taking notes, to do lists, pictures for your blog posts, web pages you want to draw inspiration from or even link to, and best of all a great way to collaborate on posts with others. All in one simple application.


Another great app in this arena but doesn’t have the ability to store photos is Simplenote. It does feature the ability to see earlier versions of your notes, organize them by using tags and the ability to pin important notes to the top. Also features the ability to search through your notes and best of all its free.

Google Docs is also another great alternative for those who want a bit more simplicity to their features. You can update your docs on the go from any computer or smart phone, store pictures, collaborate and more.  Yet again the best part is, it’s free and easy to use.

With all these great tools in our arsenal, our task of updating has become more efficient and fun to use. Best way to keep the momentum going is to make a game or reward structure out of it. Say for instance, every time one of your notes turns into an article you do something nice for your readers, blog as well as yourself.

So, [intlink id=”how-to-just-relax-and-write” type=”post”]Ready. Set. Go.[/intlink] Enjoy taking notes, and above all enjoy turning notes and ideas into something useful.

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