Tidbit Thursday

Life is hectic, but you already know how that goes. So in honor of a feature many enjoyed, we’re bringing back the Tidbits.

Going forward Tuesdays will be known as “Tidbit Tuesday”, where posts that have truly stood out will be collected and featured for easy reference throughout your work week.

Each week will feature a central theme and I’d love to hear from you on what theme you’d like for the following week as well.

This week on Tidbit Tuesday we’ll be taking a look into the area of freelancing.

  • Social Trust Factor: 10 Tips to Establish Credibility – Within this post, the awesome people at ZoomFactor go over 10 ways in which you can establish and maintain your social trust factor. From establishing authority, to building relationships, they have you covered.
  • Keeping Your Dream Alive…While Working For Someone Else – For those of you who are under the age of 30 as well as those of you who aren’t. Jared over at Under30Ceo gives you a solid list of tips that will help you better transition from being in a cog system to living out your goals and dreams.
  • Graphic Design Paradoxes by Tobias Bergdahl – This one is for those of us who are in the creative field of Design. Tobias created a beautiful set of illustrations regarding a few of the paradoxes of being a graphic designer.
  • 15 productivity tools to play with – Over at Webdesigner Depot is a nifty post that includes a nice variety of tools to boost your productivity, so you can focus on the things you do best.
  • 30 Web Trends for 2012 –  From Seo to search these guys have you covered in this article. Most interesting thing this article noted, was Facebook losing 6 million members this year, which that number expected to grow over the course of next year thanks to services like Google+, Tumblr and Diaspora.
I hope these articles have helped you as much as they’ve helped me. Be sure to share this article with a friend!


  1. Very nice list David and I believe you just led me to one of the best posts I’ve read all week: 30 Web Trends for 2012 Thank you for that, those predictions have some mind spinning trends that we’ve been seeing happen before our eyes.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Brian, and I’m glad you found the post helpful. I’ve noticed a few of those predictions/trends unfolding myself.


  2. This article: 30 Web Trends for 2012 is very nice but I can’t agree that page rank and links will count less in the future. Links are always one of the most important factor in my opinion.


    1. Hey Adam,

      Thanks for commenting, I truly appreciate you doing that. To an extent I agree that pagerank will count less, as I’ve noticed over the past year the focus on it has dropped, links however I will agree with you on to an extent. Relevant backlinks will still count, however with the focus now on quality fresh content, it will however as time goes on matter a bit less.


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