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3 Reasons Why Bloggers and Designers Need Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Google’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich has completely changed the way we as bloggers and designs of every profession handle our day-to-day tasks. The true joy of simplicity has arrived, from making phone calls, to sending emails and sharing photos Android 4.0, ICS, or Ice cream sandwich as some may call it ushers in a fun new way to make freelancing that much easier.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Tech Specs

Before we venture any further into this area, lets take a look at the technical side of things. Here we have a phone with a native resolution of 720p, or in simpler tech terms 1,280 x 720 at a 16:9 aspect ratio, imagine the vast possibilities now available in updating blogs, checking website issues, or even seeing if that new responsive website or blog design is working perfectly. Running on a 1.2GHz processor, running on both LTE and HSPA+ networks, meaning faster response time, and overall just a better experience.

Google’s Android Ice Cream Sandwhich is truly one delicious treat, and it gets even better.  Here are the top 3 reasons, why bloggers and designers will enjoy and need Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich.

Better Core App Integration

Android Gmail

Android Ice Cream Sandwhich Widgets

Apps like Gmail, where you’re no longer fumbling around trying to remember exactly who it is you want to email, or if you have the correct email address listed, with each of your contacts being stored as a chip that includes a picture beside them, you now have eliminated one frustrating part of your daily tasks. Moving through messages simply by swiping either left or right, takes away the frustration of checking email on your phone, and while in your main inbox, 2 line previews save you time when choosing to immediately open an email or reply to it later, thus making life more efficient.

Android Calendar

Wondering what the details of a particular event on your calendar is all about? Simply pinch to zoom and voila, details available with a simple motion, moving from one day to the next is also quite satisfying as a simple swipe to the left or right accomplishes this goal. Now who said integrating a smart phone into our day-to-day activities would be difficult?

Android Maps

Android Beam

The best part of this feature in Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich is the ability to share map locations with a simple phone bump, all thanks to NFC or Near Field Communications features that have been added into this delicious little package.

Data Usage Management

Android Ice Cream Sandwhich Data Management

Imagine having a smart phone that allows you to manage how your apps use data, as well as have the ability to see via the settings, your overall usage so far, along with a prediction of how much data your likely to use before the end of your billing cycle. However this is just the start. Take a moment to imagine being able to set a limit of how much data before your given a warning, and then being able to tell your phone to have a hard limit, disabling data when you go over, preventing you from having unexpected bills, thus saving you money. Another cool feature is being able to zoom in to any period of a billing cycle and view detailed information on what apps used the most information.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Camera

Android ice cream sandwhich Camera

The Android Ice Cream Sandwich Camera brings in a ton of new features that will certainly put a smile on your face. Samsung has done a really great job based on what I’ve seen at this event, to make our lives as bloggers, designers as well as freelancers that much easier to share and get things done. Let’s take a look at some of the key features and how they benefit us shall we?

Imaging being able to snap multiple pictures quickly without having to worry about an annoying wait time in between each shot. Real time face recognition for making sure everyone in your photo is accounted for to exact detail. Imagine having a phone where you can take panoramic photos without having to buy any extra apps. Last but not least imagine having a phone where you can edit these pictures on the fly, apply filters and share them right after your done. On the Galaxy Nexus baked with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, all this and more is possible.

Android Ice Cream Sandwhich Gallery

With a crazy 1080p video recording, and being able to zoom while shooting video, what more could an on the go video blogger need to update their site as soon as an idea pops into their head? Or for more serious video users the ability to shoot  Time lapse , and you can also tap on the screen while recording to capture an image.

All organized with a nifty new gallery layout, with options to sort by album,  location (when geotagged) and by person (when manually tagged).

So as you can see, Google along with Samsung worked from the ground up to build a phone that not only wows, but can make everyday life as a blogger, designer or freelancer that much easier.

What are your thoughts on the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS? Do you see it as a positive trend in smart phone/blogging? If you could build a smart phone to better aide your freelancing career, what would you put in it?

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