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Pancakes and Blog Perseverance

During a very interesting process of getting back into my hobby of cooking, I chose to make pancakes. Long story short I wanted to quit after burning a few pancakes and make something else but instead  I kept at it.  At the end I came away with a set of nice, fluffy and just absolutely delicious pancakes. Sadly the image below isn’t one of my creations.

Your blog is the same, you may feel like you don’t want to keep going, or even the point about why you should continue. Instead look at it from an Einstein point of view. Meaning, each failure has taken you closer to what does work. Day in and day out, learn more information, network with other blog owners and most importantly have a plan.

With a plan you can prepare for the ups and downs of your blogs growth and development. Take time to read other blogs and see how those site owners gained the motivation, what they did that worked and what didn’t. Lesson here, learn from the mistakes of others.

Each day set a small goal of what you’d like to do for your blog. For instance your first list may include new article ideas and new site design. Two small yet definitely huge items to undertake in a specific timeframe. Always be sure to set reasonable timeframes for yourself. Know your limits. But push yourself. View these tasks as puzzles and put them together peace by peace and not try to instead print out the entire picture at once.

As time goes on you’ll notice just how easy progress is made. In the meanwhile to strengthen the work of new articles and if needed a new design look at what’s not working on your site now. Do you have too many ads? Is it hard for your readers to find the information they may be looking for? If so do some cleaning, find what you really see being used, analyze your analytics to make your articles better, view how your users are using your site to decide what design would fit your blog best. Little things like these go a long way in making your blog work better in the future.

A few great articles I’ve come across while writing this post can be found below. Read the information given, apply it to your journey.

Remember, owning a blog is a journey, not to be taken lightly, but in the end it will be a journey you’ll certainly be proud of. What are some ways in which something in life has taught you how to keep persevering with your blog? What are some things you’ve learned on your blog journey?


  1. I like the notion of blogging as a journey, David, and thanks for linking to my FreelanceFolder post.


    1. You’re welcome Sharon, your post was quite inspiring.


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